Henry’s Fences

The landscape of southeastern Sejerø is distinctive and varied: The steep cliffs on the north side of Bjerget (“The Mountain”), the grassy meadow on Øren, the pebbles on Revet. Yet the different features are tied together by the characteristic fences – next to the road, over the hills and along the coast. Many of these fences are established by local farmer Henry Larsen and his predecessors at Kongshøjgård. The exhibition Henry's Fences consists of 32 photographs of the fences in changing seasons. There are no people in the pictures. Nevertheless, it is also a tale of man and nature – and of the landscape that is created in the meeting between the two. The exhibition is at Sejerø Kulturhus, Sejerbyvej 7, open daily from 28 June to 9 August 2020.